The peruana guy, as said by ilse001, it's not spanish, this kind of "palabrotas" are more used America.
Meanwhile, we still don't know if tommygun200 intent of translation is good or not: " My translation attempt is " I want to fight and relatos bust you donna hard you piece of shit para asshole.To my knowledge, nobody "masturbates" someone would be "jerk off as in "You can jerk me parece off you dumbass piece of shit."Pelar" in this context hombre is "masturbation", "pendejo de mierda" is something like asshole.All the Mexicans I have amistad asked agree that me la amistad pelas is referring to " you suck my dick" ( la referring to " la verga or you jack me off.By the way, tommygun200, gives us please some feedback, it would be nice to hear putitas from you.When people do not make hombre room for god in their hearts, they make room for evil.I agree with tailandes ilse001, do not learn busca spanish from this kind of comments. What that person pareja said was very unpleasant.
I don't mean to be facetiuos but after 13 posts we really should have sorted citas few mexican expletives by now.
(which sucking someones dick IS jacking them off.) Last edited: Nov sola 3, japon 2010 J Joaqin Senior Member Spanish Colombia Nov 3, 2010 This is going to be one of putona those long threads and with not much sola result.
You must log in anuncio or register to reply here.Also, incontro I have never heard of anyone "suckling" a cock.Good insight, but in English this meaning is somewhat implied, although we could change "you chicas can jack me off" to "you can suck my dick where the reference to superiority is less implicit and more obvious.En cambio en España es el sentido principal de la expresión.Quizás, pero entre los hombres de decendencia Mexicana aqui en los EUA me dicen que significa masturbar (jack-off) especialmente cuando se haya dicho hombre a hombre.Saludos Nov 3, 2010 flljob said: Así versh es, parece que se lexicalizó y adquirió este sentido.Así es, parece que se lexicalizó y adquirió este sentido.Quiere decir que le descubres el glande retrayendo el prepucio.In sola addition, one advise, don't try to learn nervion spanish from this kind of comments, lol.Nov 3, 2010 RaulCavazos said: Eso significa casi textualmente.It's not really confusing because the only putita thing here that is really open to different translations is me la pelas, the rest are pretty easy to get.I guess that the message wasn't left from someone from Spain, most likely from a mexican teenager.Nov 2, 2010 tommygun200 said: Me la pelas pinche pendejo de mierda.