puta meaning narcos colegiala muy putita

In homocinetica Colombia, youll find that putita a dad might address his daughter orense using usted and a guy may talk to his girlfriend in the mujeres same way.
(The women are online really beautiful here, arent they?).It works as a response to so many things, but here are a few examples:.On the Nawf, got Diego (Diego).In busca its escort literal translation, mujeres this word doesnt actually sound all that bad it comes from combining the words mal pareja or escort bad, and the verb parir or to give birth.Here go the wide load, chorus: Offset Quavo.So, se ganó un billetico con esa vuelta, cojiendome would be he got himself a serious payday from that hit.In the criminal context it is a kind of hombres code word for a job or a hit. Today, these meaning terms have become a mujer staple in informal conversations between people from all sections of society not just the puta small proportion that are mafiosos.
It is technically just used for people from the puedo US, but it islantilla in reality it is the word that locals will use for almost anyone who is white, and from outside of Latin America.
Even accomplished Spanish speakers can be granada perplexed by some narcos of the conversations between Pablo Escobar (pictured) and his criminal associates in the popular.
Best not used within earshot of one.
Amo tus ojos, tu cabello, tu rostro, tus manos.Not generally the highly trained type featured in the movie Leon, but rather a porcentaje couple of teenage guys firing wildly from the back of a motorbike.Where imágenes in Spain they would say vale for these purposes, in Colombia they are infinitely more likely to use listo.A bit Freudian perhaps, but there.Criminal Conversations Hopefully, you wont have much cause to use some of the below terms in your own life, but they may prove a useful reference source in any case.This expression doesnt have an exact translation, but means something like sure, or OK or go ahead.Mamacita, mamita A word not unique to Colombia, but which is nevertheless heard a lot, both in Narcos and in real life.If thrown into greetings, it makes them sound extra Colombian.g.Chop trees with the Draco (Draco).Hijueputa A slightly more Colombian version of the internationally used swear colegiala hijo de puta or son of a bitch.Listo, an extremely popular word that means anything in the area of yes, OK, good, right etc.This would be more like say yea, lets do it!, as opposed to Alright or OK which would be the rough translations of using listo as your response.Tu voz es la melod?