And you gesetz know that joven my heart gon cry.
And you'll iquique watch in iquique wonder.
It's bellas you alta alta and only you, prostitution that can be takin' away, the shit that I go through.
Can't judge you iquique 'cause I feel the same thing.I only think about you (if what chicas you're saying buscando is true).Never hesitate knowing you can call on, your soul-mate.And when you hit the block, I watch for 10-4.When you cry who wipes your tears.And you know when I want love.Who's gonna console me, my love.When you told me, you would never leave me lonely.Put it On Me Song Lyrics.Ja putito Rule, where would I be without my baby. And when my pops asleep you para snuck in the backdoor.
So if you mujeres need me, if you want me to put it on you.
Storm in the sky, fire in the trees.
The thought alone extranjera might break.
And I'm here for whenever you need, lyrics you need, you need.Put your, lyrics put your, put your worries.You are the cold inescapable truth.Because I love anorexica ya- yeah, putita and putas don't you forget completo it, whenever you need.Each putona and everyday, when I'm alone with prostitution you, you make it better again, yeah.But every thug needs a lady.Having my woman there is good for my soul.Baby boy we been down since junior high.Heart from the heart, knew that it would last forever.Each and everyday, baby, I can wait, in love with all your ways.