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Camp McCarran leaking vital information to, caesar's Legion, and asks for busca an outsider 's help in finding administrar the catania culprit.
The first option, telling him about the evidence, will mujeres reward 100 caps, as will the second option using speech (both are repeatable due to a bug.) The third option doesn't give you anything.
Colonel, james Hsu, i Put a Spell on You is ayuda a side quest in, fallout: New Vegas.100 Report to Colonel citas Hsu chatear and frame Private Crenshaw.Ask her for an access key.There is pareja no change in any non-player character dialogue or mujere action when taking back the evidence, especially the plans.Quest guarras stages (Legion) Edit Stage Status Description 10 Talk to Captain Curtis.Map markers will send you to Corporal Sterling, Contreras, and Boyd to ask around about suspicious activity.Follow puerto the map marker to Crenshaw, who can be killed in a special way through dialogue (requires a 40 Sneak skill check.) Head anuncios back inside and speak to Colonel Hsu.Report back to Colonel Hsu.Reward: 150 caps and 550 para XP Detailed walkthrough (Legion) Edit After receiving joven the quest from Colonel Hsu, talk to Captain Curtis and choose the option "I know who you are, and I work for the Legion, too." This option will be available after you have.However you can also wait until around 2:50.m.There is a changing of the guards at 9am and 6pm, making that the easiest time to sneak past. Explosives check of mujeres 35, a, science check of 45, or with putas the apizaco activation code that can be pickpocketed from Captain Curtis.
Reward: 600 XP, 250 Caps, and NCR fame.
The monorail ligua can still be used to travel to The Strip.
If, during the mission, you realize that you have already spoken to Curtis about catania the suspicions about the tower, hombres vegas you can reset the quest with resetquest 000e790f catania (PC version only).
Xbox 360 When you disarm the bomb on the monorail, you will not have the dialogue option with Colonel Hsu catania to finish the quest.
This can be quite common if you are doing the quest Render Unto Caesar and you received the quest from Vulpes Inculta.
Complete, the Finger of Suspicion.
Travel to Camp McCarran and speak to James Hsu.However, reaching Liked status with the NCR allows Hsu to send the reinforcements before completing this quest.Go and talk to, captain Curtis - he can be found on the first floor in his office, just pareja behind the escalator anuncios m25A:3 ).If escorts you don't see him by.m., enter the tower and stay hidden as per the next instructions.Once you collect the explosive charge, you are committed to the legion side of the mission and can't use quito the monorail even if you fail the mission by killing Curtis.Upon killing Curtis (before ford reporting to Hsu the NCR guards on the tarmac may turn hostile on you (killing him silently should help avoid this problem so run quickly back to the terminal.Go out spell to the control tower.It is possible to talk to the auto recording just above the door of the monorail by standing on the seats, although the only thing you can say is goodbye.